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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in dogs
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not just reserved for humans - a growing body of research indicates that dogs can also suffer from the disorder. In particular, military dogs and those working in extreme conditions, such as search and rescue dogs, are exposed to traumatic experiences that can lead to the development of PTSD symptoms. In recent years, a number of studies have been conducted to understand this issue and develop effective strategies for diagnosing and treating PTSD in dogs.
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Carbon filter - an essential tool in veterinary anesthesiology
Veterinary anesthesiology is a field that requires the use of advanced tools and technologies, including carbon filters. Carbon filters are necessary during procedures with the use of anesthesia. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how carbon filters work and what their benefits are.
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Veterinary, laboratory and breeding equipment

Poznań online store

with an offer for veterinarians, veterinary clinics, veterinary offices, animal breeders and laboratories.
Here you will find a wide range of equipment for offices and clinics, adapted to the needs of modern veterinary standards. We have many years of experience in consulting, designing and equipping laboratories and research institutes. We use our knowledge to create the best store for veterinarians and experts from the largest animal farms and rodent breeding farms.

If you are looking for specialized furniture, equipment and treatment lighting - check out our wide range of veterinary clinic equipment.

You need uncompromising, top-quality tools for procedures on animals

such as tweezers, scissors, needle holders, hooks, cauters, clamps, forceps, scalpels, drills and cutters, punches - see the section surgical tools for conducting precise, safe and comfortable procedures on animals.

If you breed rodents professionally - get to know the range of vetanimalab products. You can buy food by weight for rats and mice, feed for hamsters, guinea pigs and guinea pigs, nesting material, aspen shavings for creating nests and safe zones for rodents. Substrate for reptiles, amphibians and rodents from natural, certified crops in Latvia.

Improve the diagnostic process

in your veterinary clinic by choosing a biochemical analyzer from the global brand Dymind. Improve the quality of your services with equipment from the British brand Woodley Scientific - glucometers and handheld animal blood analyzers.
Check out the offer of digital microscopes and reliable anesthetic systems for small and largest veterinary offices.

Breeders appreciate the ability to perform pregnancy tests for bitches without stressful trips to the vet.

DogsLife brand of dog care materials, recognized throughout Europe, are a great gift you can give your pet. Take care of his health and well-being.

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